Explorer Scouts

Our Explorer Unit participates in Scout District and County Explorer events as well as our own numerous activities.

We meet every Tuesday but also take part in many additional weekend activities and camps.

When we meet: 

  • Tuesdays 7:45 pm – 9.30 pm




As a uniformed organisation, we wear uniform at all meetings other than in exceptional circumstances; if you are joining other than from the Scout Troop, you would not be expected to buy uniform immediately, but we would expect you to have bought it within a couple of months of joining. Uniform means trousers or shorts, belt and long sleeved shirt or blouse (not the polo shirt) – only official Scout Association uniform may be worn – and not items that may look similar to it. We present new members with a Group Scarf and woggle.

Uniform can be obtained from a number of District Scout Shops around Bromley. A full listing of the district shops can be found here.

The Scout Promise

“On My Honour, I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and to the Queen,
To help other people
And to keep the Scout Law”

The Scout Law:

  1. A Scout is to be trusted.
  2. A Scout is loyal.
  3. A Scout is friendly and considerate.
  4. A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts.
  5. A Scout has courage in all difficulties.
  6. A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.
  7. A Scout has self-respect and respect for others

Our Explorer Leaders

Di Phillips (Explorer Scout Leader)

I started Scouting when I was thirteen and a half, I didn’t want to leave Venture Scouts (8th Morden VSU) at 21 so I became a Cub Leader (1st Morden Scout Group) and helped out at the Explorer Unit for a few years, after just over 10 years and a short break, I changed sections and became an Explorer Scout Leader. I’ve changed groups as I’ve moved home and have been at the 8th since 2013. I earnt my Queen Scout award as a venture scout which enabled me to take part in prestigious events at Buckingham Palace, Windsor and the Cenotaph. I have travelled the world whilst Scouting, attending multiple Jamborees as service team and I went to multiple international events as a youth member. I have led and planned international trips at my previous group. I am a shooting instructor and am a range officer at Bisley Scout Shooting competition once a year. In my personal life, I work full time as a Systems Engineer, I am the parent of a Cub and water sports are my favourite pastime (next to scouting of course!)


James “Jimmy” Penrose (Assistant Explorer Scout Leader)

James “Jimmy” Penrose (Assistant Explorer Scout Leader)

Started in the 8th West Wickham as a cub many years ago, couldn’t get enough so came back as an Explorer leader. I like clouds and trains and have a high-pressure job!







Jess Shannon (Assistant Explorer Scout Leader)

I’ve been in scouting since I was 10 years old, over the years I have done international expeditions and other camps. I took a short break when I went to university in London but returned to be an Explorer Leader. I work full time in a school working with special needs children.

Charlotte Tonelli (Assistant Explorer Scout Leader)

I’ve been doing scouting since I was 10. I have done international expeditions and lots of other activities. I took at 6-month break when I turned 18, I have been explorer leader ever since. I enjoy long weekend away with my friends and work in finance.



Scouting provides a second family to lots of young people. It’s a safe place where they can aspire and grow.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls